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We’re Sorry For This Truly Cursed Post.

We’re Sorry For This Truly Cursed Post.

A collection of images that’ll make you uncomfortable at best and horrified at worst. Click here to see them for yourself and see how strong your stomach is.

What they actually need is a reality check. Wet socks are the worst,

This girl really woke up and said I’m going to ruin everyone’s day. 

We have so many questions.

  • Where did she get all this hair?
  • Why did she keep it?
  • Why did she decide to make this abomination?
  • Has anyone checked to see if Cousin It is safe?

If we see this coming down the street, we are running the other way. 

Surely there must be better ways to remember your loved ones?

Does till death do us part mean nothing to you?

This is a nightmare and we refuse to acknowledge this.

Dude. Whatever you’re trying to do, this isn’t it. the cringe is strong.

Like Twilight wasn’t bad enough, to begin with, we now have this mental image to live with.

When troll dolls become real people this is what happens. 

Please dont let this be a real thing. This is how you get ghosts.

At least he got to see the Superbowl. Do you know how much those tickets cost?

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t in a milk bottle. Did no one in the company stop to think for a second?

A man gets skinned alive and then has to hold it for eternity?  

He’s a combination of everything you love and hate at the same time. 

This is how little pug skulls look. In case you were wondering. 

People really do be doing anything on the internet.

Justice for Debbie. Lunch ladies are the real OGs.

Feet for your feet, because why not.