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These Social Media Posts Will Make You Facepalm

There’s no denying that social media has changed the way people communicate with each other. Between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we can’t believe some of the things posted on social media these days. Nothing is off-limits and people aren’t afraid to embarrass themselves—there really is no filter.

From not understanding basic biology and math to posting personal details and being gullible, these social media posts left people facepalming. Try your best not to laugh at these users’ expense.

On the Table

Buying used goods requires a fair share of haggling and some people have no shame when it comes to naming their price. In some cases, price negotiations can get really awkward, especially when the buyer doesn’t understand figure of speech.

They seem really confused as to what piece of furniture was actually for sale, making it clear they were interested in the washer and dryer.

Here Comes the Sun

We’re not sure if any of these users are being serious about walking on the sun. Sure, we’ve heard about walking on the moon and Mars, but the sun? Why would anyone even consider that? Obviously, it would be unbearably hot!

And how would the winter be any better? Do they not understand how the sun works? And the answer is even better—“it would have to be a night.” People these days.

Really Hurt

Wow! This person really thought they were on to something brilliant! They finally figured out the word “hurt”. It’s true it doesn’t change between past, present, or future tense, but not because hurt never stops.

It’s because they were not using it as a verb, but rather as an adjective. Even still, were the comments really necessary? There’s no need to call people stupid. Now that hurts!

The Bee’s Knees

What other means of communication could humans possibly need? Is talking not enough? Sure, elephants are known as one of the smartest animals and they communicate to each other through sounds like rumbles, barks, roars, and snorts, but that doesn’t make they’re more advanced than humans.

Apparently, this user was mesmerized by the fact elephants have a specific noise to announce that bees are coming, but they failed to remember that people can just use their words when bees are around.


We guess we’re not the only ones who are bad at math. While we applaud this person’s generous thinking about trying to spread the wealth of the lottery—because really, why should only one person get $900 million?—only their math is a bit faulty.

This person must’ve missed a few too many math classes thinking that $900 million divided by 300 million equals $3 million. In case you’re wondering, each person would actually only get $3.

Orange You Gullible

Haha—are we the only ones that actually tried to say “gullible” slowly? Clearly, it’s been a long day and we’ll admit—we’re pretty gullible. Sadly, we can’t even laugh at these Facebook users who also tried it because we’re just as bad as they are.

We can’t get over how obvious this one was. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but we still fell for it.

Time Travel

Wow! This person seems to be a die-hard Back to the Future fan. But on second look, if they were such a big fan, they should’ve known that this movie wasn’t released until 1985 (and not 1989, as stated in the post, but we’ll let it slide). And even after their faulty logic was pointed out on Facebook, they still went with it.

We can’t help but think they’re a bit confused as to how time works. Just to clear things up, 1989 comes after 1955 and 2015 comes after 1989.

Remaining Anonymous

The word anonymous is pretty straightforward, and in case you need a refresher, it means not named or identified. This is why it’s so strange to see a person’s name used in the same sentence as anonymous. Something just doesn’t add up here.

This source must’ve been pretty upset when they asked to remain anonymous and their name appeared right there in the paper. What’s even worse is it was then shared on social media.