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Business Savvy and Breathtaking: These NFL Wives and Girlfriends Have Got Both Brains & Beauty

Even if you’re not a big sports fan, who could resist dating some of America’s most successful football players? But these incredibly gorgeous girlfriends and wives of NFL players, have more to offer than just beauty and support from the stands, though.

Whether they like to stay behind the scenes dealing with their own businesses, or are famous athletes themselves, these NFL significant others are so much more than a touch-down!

From NASCAR’s Danica Patrick to Pop-singer Jessica Simpson to Scandal’s Kerry Washington, do you know all of these business savvy and breathtaking beauties on this list?

Katherine Webb — Married to A.J. McCarron

Katherine Webb is the wonderful wife of NFL quarterback A.J. McCarron. While McCarron was drafted by Cincinnati’s Bengal in 2014, and now plays for the Houston Texans, the two lovebirds both proudly call the Heart of Dixie State of Alabama their home state.

But Webb wasn’t just born and raised in the sweet, southern state. While she was a semi-finalist for Miss Georgia, in 2007, the incredibly beautiful and poised lady actually won the title of Miss Alabama in 2012.

Brittany Williams — Dating Josh Allen

Brittany Williams is the lucky lady dating Buffalo Bill’s talented quarterback, Josh Allen.

Even though Allen is playing for the east coast, the two of them are actually both from the west coast from Golden State of California. But that’s not all they have in common!

The adorable couple are both big football fans! So much so, that Williams actually was a cheerleader for Fresno State, one of Allen’s favorites!

It’s safe to say that dating a cheerleader from his favorite childhood team is a dream come true.

Viviana Volpicelli — Dating Nelson Agholor

Volpicelli is the type of person that’s all about a healthy combination of beauty, self-care, and wellness. With over 184k followers on Instagram, she focuses on promoting the important balance between outer and inner beauty.

In fact, she’s even got her own personal online “shop” via Amazon that includes all of her recommended products from traveling essentials, to fitness equipment, to holistic supplements, to body and nail care. How cool!

Marissa Powell — Married to Kyle Van Noy

Marissa Powell — Married to Kyle Van Noy

The fabulous and breath-taking Marissa Powell and the marvelous Miami Dolphins linebacker Kyle Van Noy are a total power couple to keep your eyes on! Not only are they both super stunning on the outside, but they’ve both got incredibly big hearts, too!

Kyle was adopted as a child, and Marissa grew up with an adopted brother, which is something that means so much to them. So together, in 2014, they started the Van Noy Valor Foundation. Their official website stated that their mission and focus is “Encouraging personal valor in the lives of adopted children, those in foster care, and disadvantaged youth by armoring them with success through resources, mentors, and opportunities.” How incredible!

October Gonzalez — Married to Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez was a dedicated NFL offensive player for an incredible 16 years! Right in the middle of his career, while he was playing for Kansas City Chiefs, he married the love of his life and now wife of over two decades, October Gonzalez.

While he retired with Atlanta Falcons, football didn’t leave the tight-end’s life, as he continued on as a sports analyst for Fox Sports. However, long before his retirement, and shortly after the two tied the knot, October jumped on the opportunity to be on TV herself! She’s most known for her roles on Modern Family and Play It Forward.

Claudia Sampedro — Engaged to Julius Peppers

The incredibly gorgeous model and actress, Claudia Sampedro, is now happily engaged to the awe-inspiring NFL defensive end Julius Peppers. Throughout his football career, Peppers proved to be a dedicated and impressive player, and respectfully retired after 16 years. But it’s safe to say that even though he’s put the football away, he still has his hands quite full!

The adorable lovebirds are raining three children together – Sampedro and Peppers each have a child from previous relationships, as well as, one cute little kiddo of their own.

Anna Congdon — Dating Saquon Barkley

Anna Congdon is just as loving as she is stunning! But what makes the awe-inspiring Congdon and NFL New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley’s relationship so unique, is the fact that they met before Barkley’s professional career.

In fact, he actually became a father before he was drafted in 2018! Congdon and Barkley adore their little girl more than anything. For her 2nd birthday, Congdon posted a picture of their daughter, Jada Clare Barkley, on Instagram and wrote: “She truly lights up a room. Cherishing each and every moment! Love you more than life baby girl.”

Leila Lopes — Married to Osi Umenyiora

One of the coolest things about the Angolan actress Leila Lopes is her birth name — Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes Umenyiora. It’s just as beautiful and dynamic as she is!

After 12 years in the NFL, Osi Umenyiora, the NY Giants and Atlanta Falcons defensive end and outside linebacker, retired in 2015. Which turned out to be the same year that he tied the know with the lovely Leila.

Before their marriage, though, Leila Lopes won the title for Miss Universe in 2011. Talk about impressive! And it looks like she still likes to pop a tiara back on every once in a while.

In early July 2020, Lopes posted a picture of herself on Instagram proudly wearing a crown with the caption, “Sometimes I put a lil make up on, wear my hair down and put my crown on just to walk around the house.”

Gisele — Married to Tom Brady

Of course, one of the NFL’s top power couples out there were going to be on this list!

For over a decade, the spectacularly gorgeous Gisele Bündchen and incredibly talented Tom Brady have been happily married to each other. Brady has been an astounding and dedicated quarter back for 20 years, but we all know that Gisele has made an impressive mark in the fashion world.

The stunning supermodel has been a fierce femme since the new millennium came around, and she’s still one of the highest paid, most successful models out there, appearing on notable magazines regularly.

Elise Tate — Married to Golden Tate

In 2017, Elise Tate happily tied the knot with NY Giants wide receiver, Golden Tate. The two are also quite a power couple, raising two kids together, as well as, running an incredibly foundation.

That’s right, not only are they both super gorgeous on the outside, but their just as beautiful on the outside, too.

In 2014, the two founded the Golden Future Foundation (GFF) to help and give back those who serve in the military, in honor of both of their grandfathers who were veterans. Their official website states that their mission “is to enhance the lives of American Heroes and their families.”