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Things Proving That Japan Lives in 3019

Japan has always been an example to follow for the rest of the world when it comes to development, innovation, and service. Whenever you come to Japan it has something to amaze you with. Robots working as the hotel staff, elevators with attendants and shops without them, parking lots for umbrellas and the craziest food.

These are only a few things that make visitors admire Japan and think, “Wow! I want this in my country!”

we’ve collected some curious facts about modern Japan that surprised us the most. Come with us on this journey to the world of the future!

1. Rice paddy art is the art of creating images by planting rice of different types in a certain order. It has recently become very popular in Japan.

2. Grooming dogs into cubes is a new trend.

3. “I found shoes in Japan that were designed to look like a bullet train.”

4. A cute mini McDonald’s

5. Want a melon with your favorite character on it? No problem!

6. The most organized luggage pickup you’ll ever see. All are upright with handles facing outward for easy pick up (taken at the Narita Airport).

7. An unattended grocery store — you are supposed to pick the necessary products and leave the money in the jar.

8. A typical capsule hotel that provides everything the guests may need in concise space

9. Seagaia Ocean Dome, one of the world’s biggest indoor waterparks

10. Japanese toilets offer built-in hand-washing sinks.

11. So many lights in the bathroom!

12. They even have chairs for babies.

13. Elevators in Japanese department stores have attendants.

14. This smart bra that “knows” what the woman feels and opens only when the woman is with someone she is really into

Which of the pictures surprised you the most? Would you like any of these typically Japanese features to be introduced in your country? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!