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Why Doors in Public Bathrooms Don’t Reach the Floor

People have been paying to use the toilet for nearly 2,000 years. And while today we have free public toilets, they’re still different from regular ones

 And it’s not only about a lack of privacy. They have one special detail that catches our attention — stall doors with no bottom. And believe it or not, there’s a reason to this madness.

1. You can see if someone needs medical help.

2. You can see if it’s vacant.

3. It helps to get rid of bad smells inside.

4. Full doors are more expensive.

5. It helps to stop people from harmful behavior.

6. You can get out if the lock is jammed.

7. You can ask someone for toilet paper if you don’t have it.

8. People spend less time in the bathroom and the line moves faster.

9. It makes it easier for custodians to clean the floor.

10. In case of a pipe break, water won’t accumulate.