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25 Times The Camera Caught More Than What Was Expected

These photos have it all and for some, you may just find it all too much. After all, no one wants to from a laughing fit, but if you had to choose your moment, who wouldn’t want to spend it on ThatViralFeed as you witness some of the most bizarre moments ever caught on camera? Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

1. I’ll give you something to scream about.

2. Oops moment

3. An Unfortunate Green Tale

4. Two in One

5. Head up the B-um

6. The great cover up

7. What are you doing Dude!!

8. What a view!!!

9. Best photo ever

Hahaha! Literally everyone, including the camel, is smiling big, showing off their pearly whites. I mean look at him! Clearly this is not his first photoshoot.

10. “Why can’t I hold all of these pigeons?”

11. This is his last chance.

12. Katy Perry’s “Firework” plays gently in the background.

13. This old man is taking pictures of his wife without her realizing it.

14. “Well, that’s just your opinion, Ball. I’ll listen to it, but I’m not going to respect it.”

15. “Let me get that for you.”

16. It’s like a magic trick where the end is just pure social anxiety.

17. His face says it all.

18. Yep, nobody’s even watching.

19. Well, that s-ucks.

20. He looks so perfect on this special day.

21. In retrospect, he should have bought the deluxe chair.

22. That probably hurt.

23. “Psst…hey, Luke. I’m your giant father.”

24. Hey, there, Grandpa Baby.

25. The ultimate slide and slide

Since when did sledding (Vintage style) become a professional sport? I would say that this lady is sledding just for fun, but look at the crowd behind her! There are one to many people in the crowd for this not to be considered professional.

26. Gurrrl, you won’t believe it!

She’ll for sure believe it if she’s watching the game on TV. But wait, he’s not talking on the phone. I guess this is his “Oh there’s a baseball coming at my head!” face.