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17 More of The Worst Parents That Need A Visit From The DSS

Being a parent is a difficult job. There is so much to handle, and the job itself is always changing. The job is so much different during the baby and toddler years than it is during the teen years. There are some things, however, that should come fairly naturally with being a parent. For example, compassion, care, and love should all be instinctive once you have a child.

Some parents are lacking in their maternal and paternal instincts, however, and it is kind of funny…but also sad. Maybe the fact of the matter is that not everyone is cut out to be a parent.

1. This Mom Needed Her Phone

2. This 7th Birthday Gift

3. This Little Snoozer

4. Another Snoozer

5. This Form Of Discipline

6. Just Hanging Out

7. This Mom Teaching Her Daughter

8. “It’s Your Turn To Get Him”

9. This father who seems to have mistaken his child for a trolley

10. These parents who put their child in a cage

11. This young mother driving with her baby at the wheel

12. These parents who pull their baby along with their scooter

13. This father who put the baby in the boot

14. This cyclist father who doesn’t seem too bothered about his child on the back

15. These hurried parents who put their baby in a drawer

16. This mother who carried her baby on her scooter, surrounded by objects, without even a helmet

17. These Parents Of The Year