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21 Photos That Were Supposed To Be Ordinary, But Something Went Wrong

When we take photos, we usually do so with a certain subject in mind. We know what it is that we want to capture. But sometimes, the universe has other plans. There’s just so much going on around us that we inadvertently capture background noise sometimes. Or we just so happen to hit the button at perfectly the wrong time.

The end result could be something funny, creepy, or just weird. Take a look at these photos that appear normal but when you take a closer look, are actually quite odd!

1. Nobody’s Watching!

Aww, what an adorable picture of a woman and her daughter. Wait, are they trying to shove that baby down a cannon? It appears so. This photo pretty much sums up the whole, “when mom has the kids” versus “when dad has the kids” thing. Yikes.

2. “How’s my form?”

Another photobomb of a proposal… makes life complete. Clearly, Sophie said yes so away! A cannon ball would have been more appropriate though.

3. Photobo-mbs Can Be Accidental Too

I bet that salad was just oh so worth it. I mean, it’s a salad! This might have gone unnoticed had it not have been for the thoughtful zoom in. Thanks for that!

4. “Should I just go back?”

Can we be mad at him, though? He did stop but that look, priceless. Fortunately, he can be cropped out if they want to take the selfish route.

5. Level 1000

This photo looks great and the guy riding through their wedding photoshoot is even better. Just look at his face! Plot twist, it’s a themed photoshoot!

6. Photobombing Is an Art

Apparently, they had this photo on their refrigerator for 6 years before even noticing the photobomb in the background. This photobomb is clearly on another level.

7. “Get my best side.”

Our camera phones have a way of getting our best side. Except for this guys phone. Bad, bad camera. Bu-rn it.

8. “Bae caught me slippin’.”

There’s a mirror behind you! I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sad for these posts. But c’mon, the potato chips… I mean the amount of effort coupled with the lack of common sense is appalling.But, kids these days. Let’s hope it was just a social media trend.

9. It’s Hard to Tell

This dog appears to be doing its thing on this baby’s head. But maybe, the baby is doing her thing on her father.

10. “Thanks, Amanda.”

This poor guy was trying to snap a photo with the Mona Lisa when this stranger came in and ruined everything! At least it doesn’t look intentional.

11. Stealing Moments

Get out the way, get out the way. I can hear his thoughts so clearly. If anything, it looks like he blended in with some of the guest’s attire.

12. Clutter and Rodents

Is that a rat in the background? It appears that she has a roommate living with her amongst the clutter. I don’t know about you but that’s definitely not the roommate I’d want.

13. Benjamin Button Effect

He’s aging backwards, okay! And this young man is an awesome father. Mind ya business.

14. Magicians

One friend walks on water and the other is a genie in a bottle. What do your friends do? Yeah, same. I need cooler friends.

15. Vampire Cat

This cat was walking by and stopped to… yawn? The little girl looks precious and oddly the cat sort of looks like her silly best friend. This photo shall remain as is and is not to be cropped!

16. Priorities

When trying to look cute goes wrong… this young lady took a moment to admire herself in the mirror but unfortunately at the expense of her kid! I hope the little one is okay!

17. Area 51

UFOs! Nope, it’s just the reflection of the ceiling lights from inside the building. It would have been pretty cool, though!

18. “Oh, ar- are we recording?”

Well in that case, catch my best side. The girls don’t seem to mind the dog’s rear end facing the camera. I think the dog compliments the photo quite well because let’s face it, all dogs do!

19. What in the…

We have all been this fish. An unwilling particpant of someone’s photo op. I feel you, fishy. I feel you.

20. Up, Up, and Away

This guy looks like he is literally sitting on this woman’s back like she were a horse. It’s visually interesting. Hitch a ride to the moon, anyone?

21. The Day Cats Fly

What a nice photo of a cat flying between pillars while boring humans do boring human things. Like eat.Humph. Humans.