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The World’s Largest Athletes – They Are Truly Massive

Here is a list of world’s largest athletes who’ll blow your mind with their massive bodies.

Nataliya Kuznetsova – 5’7″, 225 lb

Meet Nataliya Kuznetsova — a professional female bodybuilder from Russia. At just 29 years old, not only does Kuznetsova hold the world titles for arm lifting, bench press, and deadlifts but she’s also a proud champion of the European bench press and deadlift titles. Kuznetsova began powerlifting when she was only 14 years old in an attempt to gain muscle mass. In 2013, this powerhouse of a woman graduated from Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. Today, she lives in Moscow with her husband, Vladislav Kuznetsov.

Holley Mangold – 415 lbs

Weighing in at 415 pounds, Holley Mangold is one of biggest female weightlifters of all time and has certainly spent many hours in the gym. Starting her career in 2008, Mangold eventually represented the U.S. team at the 2012 London Olympics and has a personal weightlifting record of 562.2 pounds. However, Holley isn’t the only Mangold to compete at a professional level. Her brother, Nick Mangold, has played as a football center for the New York Jets. Holley currently coaches the Dayton Barbell Club in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Sharran Alexander – 448 lb

Originally from London, 448 lb Sharran Alexander made history when she was named the heaviest sportswoman in the 2013 edition of the Guinness World Records. What is also amazing about the 2nd Kyu grade sumo wrestler is that she is one of the only women professionally recognized by the British Sumo Federation. To this day, Alexander has won four gold medals in international tournaments. Originally a nanny by profession, Alexander did a tone of exercise before starting sumo wrestling professionally fairly late, at 41 years of age.

Maria Sharapova – 6’2″

People often forget that Maria Yuryevna Sharapova is actually one of the tallest female tennis players in the game. Born in Russia, she moved to the U.S. in the early 90s and since 2001, worked hard at her local gym and fitness center and has been a consistent fixture in the WTA tour. Her career can be summed up as somewhat of a paradox. Although her time on the court has been marred by numerous injuries, she has made multiple comebacks and is still playing professionally to this day.

Konishiki Yasokichi – 633 lb

Officially the biggest rikishi ever to grace the world of sumo wrestling, Konishiki Yasokichi received nicknames such as “Dump Truck” and “Meat Bomb” because of his incredible peak weight of 633lb. Fans weren’t used to seeing foreigners (athletes from outside of Japan) succeeding in the sport. The man from Honolulu, Hawaii, didn’t need a professional personal fitness trainer to become so victorious. He won the top division three times and nearly became the first foreign yokozuna, or grand champion.

Margo Dydek – 7’2″

There is no doubt that former basketball player Margo Dydek worked out a lot to achieve so much in the WNBA. The woman from Warsaw, Poland was officially the tallest professional player to grace the court. She’ll be best remembered for playing center position for the Connecticut Sun. Later on in her career, she worked in the Queensland Basketball League, coaching the Northside Wizards. Tragically, Dydek passed away on May 27, 2011. She had suffered a heart attack a week beforehand and was in the early stages of pregnancy with her third child.

Emmanuel “Tiny” Yarbrough – 6’7″

His nickname is undoubtedly misleading to Emmanuel Yarbrough’s commanding stature. His sport of choice was sumo wrestling and rightly so—his size suited it. Yarbrough topped the scales at 828 lbs., and in the process earned a Guinness World Record for the heaviest athlete alive. His exploits weren’t only in sumo wrestling. Emmanuel tried his hand in mixed martial arts and even judo. In the latter, he achieved brown belt status and a silver medal at the US Nationals.

Stefan Struve – 7ft

UFC fighter Stefan Struve has been nicknamed the Skyscraper, and for a good reason. After maintaining a serious gym workout routine, the Dutchman is officially the tallest fighter on the company’s entire roster. Although he lost his debut match against Junior dos Santos at UFC 95, Struve has gone on to win an impressive 28 of his 37 matches, including 8 by knockout. The MMA athlete lost his most recent bout against Alexander Volkov. However, Struve isn’t letting this loss dishearten him and intends to bounce back very soon

The Tree Man – 6’7″

One of the biggest athletes of the modern era has made a name for himself through social media and is referred to as “The Fearsome Tree Man.” The story behind the name is pretty simple. A user on Twitter noticed a picture of the 6’7 man with a personal trainer certification and compared his stature to that of a huge tree. “This [is] not a man, this [is] a tree,” the user tweeted. Danny Jones from Southern California must be thoroughly happy with his recent publicity.

Amazon Eve – 6’8″

American model Erika Ervin is known by millions by her stage name, Amazon Eve. Also working as a professional fitness trainer, Eve stands at a stunning 6 foot 8 inches, with many news outlets referring to her as the tallest model on the planet. She has also appeared on the cover of Australia magazine, Zoo Weekly. Because of her huge publicity, Amazon Eve has even received TV opportunities, with her most notable appearance coming in 2014 when she starred in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Andre The Giant – 7’4″, 520 lb

The late, great, Andre the Giant was considered by most to be one of the greatest wrestlers ever to step foot in the ring. At his peak, the man billed from “Grenoble in the French Alps” stood at 7ft 4in and weighed a staggering 520lbs. There was no need for any protein shakes, Andre was simply born this way! Even heavyweights such as Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy rarely stood a chance against Andre. The wrestler’s gigantism was a result of an excess growth hormone, and he died in 1993 from congestive heart failure.

Jorge Gonzalez – 8ft

Another athlete to have reached 8ft in his life was the Argentinian-born Jorge Gonzalez, who was a wrestler in his heyday. Known by his ring name El Gigante, Gonzalez ended up working out a ton to get into the most iconic ring of them all, the WWE. He burst onto the scene as Giant Gonzalez at 1993’s Royal Rumble, eliminating The Undertaker in the process. However, it was Taker who got the last laugh when he got revenge on El Gigante at WrestleMania IX.

Mamadou N’Diaye – 7’6″

When he made his debut at 18 years of age, basketball player Mamadou N’Diaye was already 7ft 6in, which made him the tallest player in the NCAA Division 1. He originally played college basketball for UC Irvine before his NBA draft in 2016. Since then, he has played for Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons, and the Grand Rapids Drive. Although the comparisons to players such as Yao Ming and Rudy Gobert is unavoidable, N’Diaye is determined to keep moving forward with his strict fitness routine.