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Ridiculously Terrible Fails

Fails are always happening, such as slipping legs, trees falling, falling on Bicycle, etc. No one is going to fall with an intention. Even though some fail to look painful to the fallen person, it is a fact to laugh for others. Every fail doesn’t give a sense of humor, but some fail does. It can not be explained the reason or what was happened after the fails. Anyhow even someone bares the pain; there are few unsuccessful attempts look hilarious and terrible even to think.  

The publication hub brings you a few fails because these fails are the most terrible and amazing on the whole Internet. Scroll down below to check it.

Someone never learned how to parallel park…

The look on his face says it all…

You, ma’am, are on to the right stuff.


The real question is…Why was she wearing an evening ensemble in the shower?

As if it was doing something before?

This note sounds vaguely threatening…

Sure, close enough!

Who are you to judge, huh?

Okay, I see, so an A…equals an A? Have I got that right?

Now, is that anything like raining men?

You know what? I think I’ll just go to the other coffee shop down the street…

Pooped crisps…Just like Mom used to make!

By the time she’s in college, it’ll be a liberal arts major.

This lady is failing so hard she’s winning. Rock on, you queen.

The diversity is that they allowed brunettes…

I, for one, hope this isn’t the entrance to the zoo.

Are you sick and tired of overpaying for diabetes?