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Pics That Made People Say, “Oops! Forgot About That!”

Every one faces the situation of forgot something. It may be due to various reasons. But the feeling of forgetting felt the same for all. Here are a few images that show the feeling of being forgetting.

Call us!

Yeh, sure. People will call you. But tell us the way to find out your phone numbers. This giant bus ad proves that how they would trust these attorneys.

Hey, my girlfriend’s up here!

Is it possible to forgot the girlfriend while she is on the shoulder?? Guess what happens next

Skeleton in the snow

This will happen when someone forgot the Halloween decorations until winter. It reminds a dead man in a long time ago

Incomplete Snickers

When the naked snickers came to the market and you buy it

Heder goes here

It is not good enough that someone forgot to edit the headline before the newspaper printed. And the worst part is the spelling mistake.   


In cooking when you forget what you are making this happens. Want to make caramel but it looks like a volcano

That sunroof

When you enjoy the breeze in the morning and forgot to close the sunroof the outcome is like this. A car was full of snow..!!

Large green vase

When the owner trusts his employee and forgets that he’s colorblind.

Mini vacation

This happens when you planned for the weekend and everything goes well without the backpack.

In the oven

When the mom forgot the place where she hid the Easter basket. Tip- If you are hiding something on the oven, never forget about it

 Oh yeah

When you forget to update the pet about the arrival of a new family member…

Sprouting sink

This person forgot to turn on the garbage disposal. It was ended up with the pumpkin plant on the sink.

Tiger stripes

When you paint stripes on the body but you forget to apply sun cream first, the result is like this


I know people have so many things in mind. But how can be someone forget to remove the hanger from the cloth when dressed up. Wasn’t it uncomfortable?

 Left in the rain

The roof of the car is the place where people forget the stuff. Unfortunately, this time it was an electronic device. And it rained

 Floating bodies

This couple wanted to take a jumping photo. but they forgot to adjust the camera. So now photo looks like they are hanging on there.

Cup o’ noodle

This face is matching when you forget to add water for a cup of noodles before microwaving.


When you forget to take the chocolate Easter bunny with you and the bunny was stuck in the car on a hot day this happens.

Spoon cake

This is not fair. The cake recipe which got from the internet didn’t mention whether to take the spoon out the batter after mixing it.


if you forget to put the drain plugs in, this will happen.

LED sign

When you want to put an LED sign for business but forgot to program it.

Pirate appointment

When you remember the appointment in the mid of rehearsal.

Bag o’ potatoes

Congratulations. You are a potato farmer because you forget the bag of potatoes for long enough.

Um, excuse me?

When you forget your cat before you leaving the home for work, this is what you get.

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