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People Who Learned About Karma the Hard Way

A one of the famous scientist Newton founded laws, and as you know, the third law is called as every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is not applicable or objects; some incidents also fell into that law. When it’s related to the actions we used to say as “Karma”. No matter you put your maximum effort to avoid it, it happens. You may feel completely lost or helpless or angry in such kind of situation. So even it is unavoidable, familiar with “Karma” situations make you feel better yet you are not the one who suffers. Scroll down below and try to identify the position of the victims.

#1 I’m guessing this didn’t end well.

#2 Just a little clean fun.

#3 What are those lines for again?

#5 You should have let the cat have some pizza

#6 That’s what you get for leaving the dog in the car.

#7 Someone’s going to have a crappy time

#8 She thought she was so clever with bunny ears

#9 If you park in front of dumpsters, there will be hell to pay

#11 In the battle of car versus cement, cement will always win

Ironically, this crappy parker got exactly what they deserved