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This is what will happen if you do not shower for two days

Most of us know the basic necessity of personal hygiene and that is taking a bath or a shower everyday. It keeps the body clean and gets rid of all the dead skin and bacteria and keeps the body fresh and odor-free. But in this world people live a fast life in which things are done at breath taking speed and sometimes falling behind means staying behind forever. Therefore many things in our daily routine get sacrificed so that we can reach work early and one of the first things to be sacrificed is showering. This article will show you what happens if you decide not to shower for two days while continuing with your daily routine.

1 -Importance of showering

Showering is an activity most people love, but some people also love to not shower. The biggest reason given by people is not having enough time for having a shower due to busy schedule. Most people care for a simple dab of cologne and lots of deodorant to mask whatever odor comes out from them. However showering is not only required to clean the body, but it also provides a relaxing experience for the body. Taking a shower not only cleans the body but also gives the mind a time to be a peace. Showering manages to remove all the sweat, dirt from the body, keeping it safe from infectious diseases. Shower also removes the germs and bacteria from the body that cause body odor, making it easy for the people around you to bear your presence. Also keeping yourself fresh and maintaining a good personal hygiene is a sign of high self-regard and it attracts people when you keep yourself clean and well maintained. But for arguments sake, what happens when you do not shower for let’s say, a couple of days? The answer is in the next slide.

2- The results of not showering for two days

See when we shower, we clean our body to get rid of bacteria and harmful germs we accumulate during the day and night. But if we do not take a shower, these harmful bacteria and germs become active and we can fall sick due to them. They can enter our body via mouth and cause many diseases and they can even cause skin infections. Apart from that, doing physical labor throughout the day without cleaning yourself can also accumulate sweat and dirt on the body. The bacteria and sweat etc can contribute to making the body emit a foul smell and the skin can become sticky and the whole body feels like grubby. The body also secretes oil which when mixed with sweat and dirt can cause the pores on the skin to close up. Finally, all this will lead to a very foul body odor, which will obviously repel people and someone will be forced to turn the hose on you. Watch the video for a more graphic representation of repercussions of not showering for two days.